Scouting is for Girls and Boys Aged 5 - 25 and Adults of All Ages

Scouting is for Girls and Boys Aged 5 to 25 and Adults of All Ages - Join us to share the adventure! 

St Johns Wood Scouts run a educational program based on Respect, Ethics and Self belief!    We teach skills in camping, bushcraft and bushwalking to enable self development in skills such as resilience, independence, teamwork, listening and leadership.    All members get opportunities to develop leadership skills, whether its a youth member running a game or activity, organising a weekend off site activity or an Adult being a leader for one of our sections either the one their child is a member of or another section!   Scout training provides invaluable life skills and opportunities to make life long friends.   Imagine having friends in your adult life that you first met as 5 year old Joey Scout?

We invite Adults to become leader members and help deliver the program.   We welcome anybody who enjoys outdoors and mentoring kids to enquire about joining our existing leader team.   Many hands make light work and the more leaders we have the more opportunities leaders have to specialise in their preferred areas! Leaders get free training, free membership and a significant discount on their children's youth member fees!  Its a perfect activity for parents with 1 , 2  , 3 or more children in the scout group!

St Johns Wood Scouts is a large, active scout group with around 130 youth members, 30 adult volunteer leaders and adult members who support the leaders. To enquire about membership please complete the form.  Our units are near capacity but we we are looking to expand and to that we need Youth Member and more importantly leaders (usually parents) to scout with their kids!

We will be in contact with you very soon!   You took the effort to enquire about membership with our group, we will make effort to call you back!   You may be surprised!

SJW fees. Refunds within six weeks are available.

We look forward to welcoming and meeting you soon!

Joining steps:

#1 Parent or youth submits enquiry form above "New Member Information Request".

#2 One of our volunteers contacts you to arrange a free trial.

#3 Before the trial: Complete the Online application system - select "youth", "St Johns Wood" and section. No payment required.

#4 Attend the free trial wearing active clothes. Parents are welcome to stay.

#5 Decide to join and pay the SJW fees. Refunds within six weeks are available.

#6 Welcome into our program and the worldwide Scout movement.

Purpose of Scouting

The Purpose of the Scout Movement is to contribute to the education of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.  Scouting builds resilience, self-confidence and leadership skills in our youth. 

St Johns Wood.  Scouts is part of the of the largest  youth movement in the world  with over 40 million youth members and inviting community members aged 5 and up to join anytime during the year.

Successful Scout groups excel with community support and people of all ages assisting running the group! Parents are expected to assist the group and interested community members new to scouting are welcomed. Previous Scout experience is not necessary.

St Johns Wood has all units that meet weekly at various times during school term. Follow the link above for times, and below for other information about that age group.

Joeys/cubs/Scouts meet weekly during school term, with occasional holiday activities. Venturers & Rovers meet year round.

If these times aren't convenient, contact one of the neighbouring scout groups here.

Scouting is run by volunteers so sometimes there may be a delay in getting back to you due to family, work and other scouting commitments.

Please fill in the "New member enquiry" form on the right) and we usually reply within 24 hours. 

There are many ways to contact us