Out with the old, in with the new badge scheme

There are some exciting changes happening in Scouts currently, which is the most significant change since the current badge system was introduced in the 1970s. The new youth program provides a better framework for outdoor adventure skills badges and focusses the remainder of the badge system on our core leadership skills, as well as broadening the special interest badges we have currently. It is a very positive change. There are some associated changes such as simplifying some terminology (all sections are now “Units”, eg Cub Scout Unit) and we have a new logo.

Badge record books and logbook

Badge record books are not yet available for the new system, but SJW has created a compact book and some sign off sheets. Most Scouts will require a logbook, similar to the "camping record" in the back of the green book.

LOGBOOK Outdoor-Activities - SJW Alan format 20190419.xlsx