New Den (hall)


St Johns Wood Scouts moved to the current site in 1955 and erected a kit shed with no floor. The building has reached the end of its useful life and needs replacement for the Scouts to continue to deliver their program to local youth. Planning, consultation and fundraising have taken two decades and the new hall (den) is within reach, subject to final approvals and grant funding.

New Den News

After many year of discussion, fundraising, community support and great joy, the 30 year dream of a new scout den is finally starting to get some legs..

Along with the new main den, the top den is getting some much needed repairs

Progress this year


Scouts have fundraised for decades and need the support of other groups to make this new hall a reality. Identified grant funding follows for the $400,000 budget:

BCC Stronger Communities: $100,000; closing 9 Sep

GCBF: $35,000 closing 31 Aug

Commonwealth Stronger Communities $20,000; closing 10 Oct

Commonwealth additional grant - not yet identified source: $80,000

Queensland Government: $100,000 as election promise or Get Playing grant

RACQ foundation: $50,000 - 200,000 closing 14 Sep

Scouts co-contribution. $100,000 fundraised and committed to project. That's a lot of BBQs!

Tenders closed

Tenders closed on 11/07/2019 and support the project budget of $400,000. Negotiations are underway.


Current and previous local community groups that have used our facilities are listed here.