Bushwalking skills

SJW Scouts bushwalking gear list

SJW Scouts gear purchase considerations

Document March 2021 on our public shared drive.


Packing your Equipment

How To Pack A Back Pack for An Overnight Hike

Packing the Correct Equipment and placing it in the right area of your Backpack is critical to make your hike more comfortable

How To Pack A Day Pack for a Day Hike

Walking Tips with A Back Pack

What to Take and What to Eat?

Navigation Tips

Star Navigation

Finding South using the Southern Cross.  Obviosuly this technique only works at night

Orienting a Map to the Landscape

Dont Read your Map Upside down,  have it in the right direction with this tip

Walking on a Bearing

Dont walk in a circle get straight to the point!

Taking a compass bearing from a map

Plan where your going

Taking A Compas Bearing from a Landscape feature

Personal Care While Bushwalking

Never walk alone - let someone know your plans. (How to almost die in a beautiful place).

First Aid Videos

Bushwalking skills documents