St Johns Wood Scouts

For Boys and Girls aged 5 to 25 and Adults of All Ages


St Johns Wood Scouts is a local group in the Ashgrove / The Gap area of the largest world-wide youth movement in the world with over 40 million Scouts around the world.

St Johns Wood Scouts is a strong local group of this worldwide movement, with both girls and boy members from age 5 to 26. .

St Johns Wood Scouts are located the old quarry on the corner of the Gresham Street ad Water Works Road (547 Waterworks Road Ashgrove). Our Carpark entry is on Waterworks Rd immediately inbound from Gresham St (where the bikeway starts).

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens, and as a member of their local, national and international communities.

This is undertaken in small teams ("patrols"), under the watchful eye of trained volunteer leaders, with the youth gradually taking on more leadership as they learn the skill of leadership using the proven Scout method. And all done in the context of fun, often outdoor adventurous activities.

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WOW - our containers for change bin is full after just 11 weeks - thanks to everyone for donating their containers. Let's keep spreading the word. 3 Sep 2019

An amazing day of fun was had by the Joey Scouts at BP Park!

Group Marketing has put up a new adverisment on the ashgrove state school digital sign

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The Group needs people of all ages to assist with running the group! You can be a parent of a youth member, an interested community member new to scouting or a previously uniformed youth members. Maybe you you were a cub , a scout or a rover yourself

There are many ways you can become involved with Scouts.

  • .Join a as a Youth Member (Children and young adults aged between 5 and 26)
  • Join as an Volunteer Adult Leader
  • Join as a Youth Program Support or Adult Parent Helper to help leaders let youth members get the best out of scouting!
  • Join as a non uniformed Committee Member
  • Help your occasionally on meeting nights with activities, Leaders are always looking for other ideas or games that can be incorporated into a program
  • Get involved with a Parent Patrol
  • Help with Fundraising activities!
  • To Become involved just contact us!

Purpose of Scouting

The Purpose of the Scout Movement is to contribute to the education of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. Scouting builds resilience, self-confidence and leadership skills in our youth.

St Johns Wood. Scouts is part of the of the largest youth movement in the world with over 40 million youth members and inviting community members aged 5 and up to join anytime during the year

Meeting times

St Johns Wood has all units and meet weekly at various times

Unit meeting times are detailed here

Scouting is run by Volunteers so sometimes there may be a delay in getting back to you due to Family, Work and other scouting Commitments.

Please fill in the "New member enquiry" form on the right) and we usually reply within 24 hours.

There are many ways to contact us

Become A Leader!

  • Are you an Active Parent ?
  • Were you a youth member?
  • Di you not get to be a youth member and always wanted to be involved with Scouts?
  • Do you want to be a Possitve Role model?
  • Be Part of the Worldwide Movement?
  • Do you want free training to improve yourself?
  • Do you want to give back to the community?

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Hall for hire

Timber floor upstairs hall with main meeting room approx 7 x 8 meters. Separate kitchenette and toilet also upstairs. Tables and chairs.

Great ambience next to Enoggera Creek and in treed parkland. Close to city and bus route. 18 car park spaces on site and extra car park and street parking available.

Hall is being renovated but still usable

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SJW Scouts is a donation location with a wheel bin to accept donations of single use containers with the 10 cents refund. Please keep your own containers and encourage your neighbours/ community/ workplace/ school to consider donating to SJW. This could be a very sizable fundraiser for Scouts. Keeping Scouting affordable is important to make the benefits of Scout training available to everyone.

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Strong Group Committee

We are lucky to welcome Wayne Window, “Hathi” as Assistant Group Leader (currently Cub Scout Leader), and in other changes, Tony Jago, “Dingo” is helping in Scouts as well as running Joeys by himself. You can see that we need more help from adults that are willing to volunteer as leaders in the Joey and Cub sections, and it is both enjoyable, and more fun if we have a few parents start together. We are all busy, but somehow some people make it work and all help helps. See any of the Leaders if interested. The group committee has also reformed with four parents volunteering this year, so welcome to Joanna Yesberg (Treasurer), Manoj Lukose, Steve Kennedy, Frank Csabo and dedicated long standing member Russ Davie. Other members would also be helpful and it is an expectation in Scout Groups that every family spends one year on the committee.

Donations support scouting to reach youth where no scout groups exist and contribute to our new building program to keep Scouts alive in St Johns Wood.

Contact the group to make a donation for the building, or through Scout HQ

Brisbane City Council officer helping Scouts plant the creek bank at our Scout den.

St Johns Wood Scouts support other local community groups

St Johns wood has many organisations that it supports it and in turn they suport them and others. Giving back to the community is a pillar of any organisation and our group is no different.

Our supporters range are from the the not for profit, governement and commercial organisations.

Many Organisations use our Den Facilities and grounds for which we are very proud and pleased to do so

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Neighbouring Scout Groups

St Johns Wood Scouts is part of a world wide youth movement and is located in Ashgrove in Brisbane. St Johns Wood Scouts is one of four groups in the Taylor Range District, which are:

St Johns Wood, Bardon, The Gap , Oakleigh

St Johns wood Scout Group often hosts other scout groups at our Den (hall) at 547 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove.

Scout groups belong to a District, part of a region, part of Queensland, part of Australia, which belongs to the world-wide movement. At each level, youth are an important part of the decision making body.

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Alan's vision for the SJW Scouts

Badges are what makes Scouting scouts, rather than an interest group. Our founder, BP, cleverly designed the system to provide encouragement for youth to participate in many activities, and often in areas that broaden their experience and skills. Reflecting on my experience as a youth member, I only did well badge wise in Venturers because that leader had the expectation and drive to encourage me. That’s where leaders make a difference in delivering Scouting by harnessing the youth’s desire for recognition for a job well done to earn badges in new skill areas. The leaders in the group agree that our expectation is that youth at SJW earn badges. We’d like to have many ASMs, QS and BP awards and we already do well in Joey Scouts and Cub Scouts. Further, the Scout group should be a place where Leaders feel valued a

A bit about our incoming leader, Alan Brake

Allow me to introduce myself. I am married to Jenny, a very supportive wife, and have four children, Emma (Occupational Therapist, Rover Scout), Jamie (studying Philosophy and Economics, Rover Treasurer), Becky (just finished grade 12, studying Teaching and Venturer Scout Chairman and Lexie, Kelvin Grove student and Venturer Unit Secretary). I am an electrical engineer who started as a technical specialist and migrated into multi-discipline engineering projects in the electricity sector. My scout life started counting “two bob” coins for my father, treasurer at the time, before starting Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. In Rovers, I was a key person in building the current Rover Den and was also a Cub Scout Leader. Then to a Queensland branch role in the Rover section, before taking a break from leader roles and returning when my children were in Cubs as a full time parent helper, then Cub leader, Scout leader and now almost Group Leader. I restarted the Group building committee leading to the building of the fantastic new Q Store

New Den News

After many year of discussion , fundraising, community support and great Joy. The 30 year dream of a new scout den is finally starting to get some legs..

Along with the new main den, the top den is getting some much needed repairs

Read about the Progress on the New Den News Page

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Contact us by Phone, Email, Social Media , or a traditional Scout Cooee!

Scouting is run by Volunteers so sometimes there may be a delay in getting back to you due to Family, Work and other scouting Commitments.

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