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IMPORTANT. Everyone asked to help a little, to deliver a quality Scout program, in our local volunteer based Scout Group. Three things #1, #2, #3.

#1 Every family asked to join a parent patrol and volunteer an hour a month.

Scouting operates because many volunteers see the benefits that scouting provides to their children and society. Scouting fees are low compared to other activities because everybody contributes to the movement. For those parents and friends of scouts that are leaders, committee members, adult helpers, and parent patrol members, we thank you. For those of you yet to find a way to contribute, there are lots of opportunities. We need everybody to help a little bit rather than a few people doing more than their fair share of work. All of the leaders and committee members work and have their own family, so it is possible for busy people to help.

Parent patrols to join (more details here):

  • Housekeeping patrol - Weekly clean of both dens: vacuum or sweep; mop floors; clean toilet; top up cleaning supplies.

  • Social patrol - Organise family camp and one or more other social activities, led by Frank Szabo.

  • Fundraising - Organise, with support from all families for the fundraising. Recycle container bins "Containers for Change", Catering for group night BBQs etc.

  • Other ways to help (more details here):

  • Parent camp helpers - parents that will get their Blue Card and help on camps.

  • Committee secretary – monthly meeting and occasional tasks

  • Joey Scout leaders - join with another parent to share the experience. Free training.

  • Cub Scout leaders - we need more Cub scout leaders. Quality time with your children in a shared activity that provides moral and leadership development is priceless. Scouts provides free training and it is more fun to start with another parent to share the journey.

If your family doesn't have a role yet, please select one of the open positions above or let us know how else you can help the group. We need every family helping to keep the group functioning well.

#2 Sign up for our fundraising BBQ on Father’s Day.

Please volunteer for a two hour shift .

In term 2, the Scouts paid for the development application for the new den ($850) and removed a problem tree damaging the top den roof ($660). Fundraising allows us to maintain and improve our facilities. Term 3 will see the leaky roof replaced in the top den, and then the toilet modernised. Bunnings BBQs are major efforts but can raise $1500, and it is on Father’s day.

#3 Get Started Voucher program opens 17 July 2019

Put this date in your calendar to apply on the opening day.

The Get Started Voucher program will re-open on 17 July 2019. One voucher per eligible child per calendar year. Vouchers are allocated very quickly.

Scouts needs a volunteer to redeem these vouchers – eg a committee secretary or another volunteer.

The new den

In term 2, we've met with all levels of local government for financial support for the new den - asking each level to contribute 100k$. A parent also identified RACQ foundation as a possible funder.

Also finalised the design requirements and went to tender, and submitted approval documents to Scout HQ, BCC leasing and BCC development approval.

Containers for Change Bins now at the Den

Donate your 10c containers (any single use drink containers) into our bin at the Scout Den - pass the message on to your work and neighbours.

Best to place in the bin in the Q Store if it is open, otherwise the public bin is next to the Venturer den (two level).

New badges available and presented

The badge implementation continues with the Rovers and Venturers largely completing the transition to the new OAS badges. The younger sections will follow this term. The badges are now all available.

Venturers Arwen and Lexie, and Leader Isaac will join 45,000 other Scouts for the World Scout Jamboree

The World Scout Jamboree, for eligible Scouts age 14-18, is a life changing event with a kaleidoscope of nations to promote the Scouting ideal of world peace through the Scouting brotherhood.

Arwen and Lexie have fundraised, and pictured here, asked new local member Julian Simmonds for a flag to take, and also successfully asked for a donation towards the cost of attending the event. They've previously raised money at the Scout Group AGM and election day BBQ cake stall, and successfully approached MP Kate Jones for a donation.

The Venturers will be away from 17 July to 11 Aug including the ten day Jamboree, a pre Jamboree get to know you tour around Washington and then more high adventure in the Canada post Jamboree tour.

Parent patrols


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