Stage 1 Requirements (with resources)


¨  I know why it is important to stick to trails when outdoors.

¨  I know about the “Buddy” system [video to come]

¨  I know to stop when I get lost on activities

¨  I know my address and location in an emergency.

¨  I know three reasons for having a shelter when sleeping outdoors.


¨  I can strike a match [video to come]

¨  I can collect sticks for preparing a campfire 

¨  I can be safe around a campfire [rules and video]

¨  I have participated in a game that required basic navigational skills

¨  I can hang a clothesline at camp with a clove hitch or other knot. [use animated knots]

¨  I know how to correctly pack ropes away

¨  I know what is in a plate bag and can keep it clean at camp.


¨  I can talk about what I enjoyed, learnt, or improved upon, by playing a navigational game