Become A Leader

Become a Leader

It is the most enjoyable, worthwhile and rewarding hobby, giving you great quality time with your child. The Scout Movement needs more adult leaders to deliver our program.

Are you an active parent seeking quality time?

Do you want to be a positive role model?

Be part of the Worldwide Movement?

Do you want free training to improve yourself?

Do you want to give back to the community?

There is no requirement to have been a Scout when you were young - the whole movement started without previous experience.

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We are currently seeking leaders for Joey Scouts (age 5-7), and Cub Scouts (age 8-10)!

Parent helpers

If you prefer, you can volunteer in a parent patrol, committee member, or "parent helper". Parents need a Blue Card, linked to Scouts, to participate in overnight activities. See the forms page to apply.

Life as a Leader

Leaders are the backbone of our movement. If you are looking for an adventure and the chance to help young people build a solid and positive foundation for their futures than you should become a Leader. Leaders:

  • Provide opportunities

  • Inspire Teamwork

  • Perfect your abilities

Why should I become a leader? Leaders are crucial to the success of the Scouting Movement. As a Leader you will have access to a wide variety of resources, an opportunity to give back to the community, and the experience to educate Youth Members in the values and skills most important for being a good citizen. As a Leader you will achieve satisfaction from helping Youth Members set and achieve their own goals, while being there to help them when they fail and encourage them to continue. However, you will find that your proudest achievement will be building a strong bond of trust and friendship with the Youth Members.

“After I saw how much fun my child was having at Scouts I decided that I’d love to become a Leader. The courses are fully accredited, the programs are flexible to suit the needs of my Troop, and my Scouts are full of energy and willing to learn. I love the responsibility of being a Leader because it’s my chance to give back to my community while also releasing my inner adventurer.”

Parent and Proud Scout Leader

What Can I Do as an Adult Leader?

As a Scouting Sectional Leader you’ll be responsible for altering your Sections Development Program to suit the particular needs of your group. You’ll be able to turn your ideas that evolve from your brainstorming sessions with other Leaders into reality and spend an exciting day trying them out in person before approving them. We encourage our Leaders to explore their creativity and work together while developing their programs and leading their youth. As a Leader you can gain formal leadership qualifications, develop programs, work with like-minded individuals, and teach young people life lessons through offering them the experiences of a lifetime.

What Section should I lead?

Joey Scout Leaders work with young people aged 5 through to 7 and they ensure that weekly meetings and activities are designed to both entertain and improve the physical and mental abilities of their Joeys. Cub Scout Leaders work with young people aged 8 to 10* and are responsible to help develop their Cub’s imaginations and foster their creative and mental abilities. Cub Leaders design their own activities to meet their weekly development program goals and help build confidence in their Cubs. Scout Leaders work with young people aged 11 to 14* and foster independence and leadership in their Scouts while encouraging their teamwork abilities. Safe use of equipment and outdoors survival is at the heart of Scouts as adventure inspires their activities. Venturer Scouts Leaders work with young adults aged 15 to 17* and are always available to their Venturer Scout Units to offer advice, encouragement, and support. As a Venturer Scout Leader you encourage independence and teamwork alike, while acting as a Scouting mentor. You’ll attend weekly meetings and supervise how your Venturer Scouts are turning their program goals into reality. Rover Advisers work with adults aged 18 to 25 and are called Crew Advisers. Their responsibility is primarily to maintain close contact with the members of their Crew and to help and advise when needed. Crew Advisers act as friends and advisers rather than ‘leaders’.

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