Parent Duties

Every family asked to join a parent patrol and volunteer an hour a month.

(Ready to join - use this Operoo form)

Scouting operates because many volunteers see the benefits that scouting provides to their children and society. Scouting fees are low compared to other activities because everybody contributes to the movement. For those parents and friends of scouts that are leaders, committee members, adult helpers, and parent patrol members, we thank you. For those of you yet to find a way to contribute, there are lots of opportunities. We need everybody to help a little bit rather than a few people doing more than their fair share of work. All of the leaders and committee members work and have their own family, so it is possible for busy people to help.

Important: Parent patrols are new to SJW Scout Group, so we are all learning and developing the system. Your patience and feedback is appreciated.

Time commitment: 1 hour per month during term - 10 hours per year.

Parent patrols to join (more details here):

Housekeeping patrol - Weekly clean of both dens: vacuum or sweep; mop floors; clean toilet; top up cleaning supplies.

Social patrol - Organise family camp and one or more other social activities.

Fundraising - Pie drive, wine drive, any other ideas. Manage "Containers for Change" bins.

BBQ coordinators patrol Organise group night BBQs and Bunnings. Typically each team of two people organises two BBQs per year.

Parent Liaison - welcome and support new members.

Building and Grounds maintenance - maintain the buildings and Q Store equipment

Promotions and Public Relations - getting the message out about Scouting.

Other ways to help (more details here):

Parent camp helpers - parents that will get their Blue Card and help on camps.

Committee secretary (Duty Statement) – monthly meeting and occasional tasks

Committee treasurer (Duty Statement) - monthly meeting; 5-10 minutes most days to make payments/reconcile

Committee Chair (Duty Statement) – monthly meeting and occasional tasks

Joey Scout Leaders - we need more Joey scout leaders. Quality time with your children in a shared activity that provides moral and leadership development is priceless. Scouts provides free training and it is more fun to start with another parent to share the journey.

Leaders in other sections - join with another parent to share the experience. Free training.

If your family doesn't have a role yet, please select one of the open positions above or let us know how else you can help the group. We need every family helping to keep the group functioning well.

Nominate using this Operoo form.

Parent Patrols Introduction

We have introduced a way for all families to help our group, it’s called Parent Patrols. Lots of Scout groups have already done this so we know it works!

Parent Patrols are small groups of parents that each help run one component of St Johns Wood Scout Group to support activities.

We need at least one parent (or aunt/ uncle/ grandparent) from each family to participate in a parent patrol (except where a family has a parent that is already a volunteer leader or committee member).

The reason we are all here is to ensure that the kids have a great experience and grow from it.

We have Parent patrols help to support the group and the leaders running programs for the kids.

Our Patrols

Parent Liaison Patrol

  • Meet all new members on first night, follow up with phone call, maybe meet on second night and welcome them at other events.

  • Talk to parents whose child is due to link within 12 months from the younger section (say once per term).

  • Interview on promotion to PL/APL for explanation of extra training/responsibilities/home support required.

  • Talk to new parents and find out their background, job, skills (hard and soft) and inform GL

New starter procedure – group actions

  1. Parent makes contact with GL by FORM or phone, etc. GL sends F6 form, welcome brochure and map/directions. Update gDAT “Enquiries” tab.

  2. GL forwards to section leader, who arranges first night date and informs Parent Liaison patrol.

  3. Parent Liaison meets new parent on first night. Checks F6 form and makes parents welcome. Allow 15 min.

  4. After first visit, Parent Liaison phones parent to check. Send update email to section leader and GL, who updates gDAT “Enquiries” with status (starting, not starting, unsure).

  5. On second week, Parent Liaison meets parent again and checks Application Form and payment. Talks to parent and gathers all information required for SJWDat details. Allocates them to a parent patrol (<not clear how to do this>.

  6. Introduces new parents if possible to another family in their patrol.

New starter - briefing points - in no particular order

1. how to order a uniform

2. why join scouts

3. time and financial commitment

4. online application form - check completed

5. what activities are away from the den?

6. what are award badges, why should parents care and where do I find out about them?

7. Communications: email group, FB closed page, messenger chat. Encourage parents to join FB and messenger straight away.

Social Patrol

  • Organise Family Camp and other Social Activities

Fundraising Patrol

  • Organise fundraising, with support from all families for the fundraising activities.

  • Catering – eg group night

Building Maintenance and Q Store

  • Annual First Aid Check and restock

  • Keep equipment in Quarter Master Store Tidy

  • repair tent poles

  • working bee per term

Parent Patrol Explainer Video

Duty statements


Role Statement - Secretary.docx


Role Statement chair amended-Jan 2020.pdf