Scout Campsites

St Johns Wood Scout go camping in many locations ranging from Private properties, Scout owned properties , State Forest and National Parks. Some site are well known and some group favourites.

The list of site below are mapped on the Locality map and correspond to the number. for example - 1. is Allawah Scout Campsite

5. Brownsea Water Activities Centre

6. Crows Nest Showgrounds

7. Eprapah - Scout Environment Education Centre

8. Harrys Hut

9. Karingal Scout Campsite

10. Murrenbong Scout Campsite

11 Freds Farm

12 St Johns Wood Scouts

15 Strong’s farm

16 O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat

17 Scrub Road Bush Camp

18 Rocky Creek Campsite

19 Mount Bithongabel