Project 2021

2021 facebook likes by the end 2021

Project 2021 is a social media project to increase community engagement and brand awareness St Johns wood scouts and Scouting in general

it is an ambitious project which requires help from our parents and facebook followers.

The goal of the project is simple! By the end of 2021 we would like to have 2021 likes on facebook!

IF you have experience with online marketing and Search engine optimisation and have time to help please contact us

The plan is simple

  1. Everybody in the group likes our page

  2. Most your friends like our page

  3. Parents become facebook advocates and like, share and comment about the posts on from our facebook page!

How to Like Us On Facebook!

When you like a Page, you automatically follow it, which means that you may see updates from that Page in News Feed.

When you see a post from on our page, like the post and even share it your friends or other groups. Its easy to do and easy not to do, so please when you see our post "Like and Share because you care. You do this but clicking the like then the share button and share to your news feed. Perhaps you may even share it to a group that you are member of! This helps the group advertise on social media, it creates awareness of not only our group but scouting in general. I think we can all agree it a great thing to get involved with

  1. Open Our Facebook Page and Click the like button pictured below

Invite your Facebook friends to like our facebook page

Inviting your facebook friend on facebook helps us reach our projet 2021 goal! It is easy to do and your friends can simply ignore your request but more than likely they too will like our page. Who wouldn't right?

To do it is simple,

  1. Just open our facebook page , and click the three dots then select invite friends form the drop down list.

  2. Just select all your friends and click "Send Invites"

Review the video if you need to see how it done!

Become a Parent Advocate! Join our virtual team and like and share our posts

Once you have liked and shared our page, and invited your friends, feel free to comment by mention us on facebook using the @stjohnswoodscouts tag.

We need parent and your friends to become our our advocates on facebook. Like and share our posts as you see them and if you ever mention our group please tag us with @stjohnswoodscouts We really want to increase both our and scoutings brand. You may have already seen some of my posts already? When you see the please like and even comment (don't forget to tag). Some of you have liked and thank you but the group needs more engagement The only way people will remember is by talking and posting about it!

Are you ready to be part of an amazing accomplishment?


Recommend us on facebook and google.