Newsletter 2023 Term 4

Newsletter 2023 Term 4


Now accepting wine and spirit bottles

The buildings and grounds

Leaders / volunteers required

We have a great group of Leaders, but of course we need to constantly recruit to ensure the workload is equitably shared and to enable Leaders to follow other pursuits. We are particularly looking for Cub Leaders, but we’d love any offers of help! Cubs needs some administrative help with badgework recording.

Is anyone good at Facebook and willing to share a post once a month promoting how much your child enjoys Scouts? Or write an article occasionally for Western Echo? Marmot has lots of photos.

Also, we need more help with the regular chores of running the Scout halls, including tidying equipment and the kitchen, keeping hand wash supplies stocked, picking up rocks, rubbish and sticks off the grass and the like.  Let me know if you can assist with these items – this might only take 5-10 minutes each time you collect your child before the end of the night. More details are on our website. We have started a parent patrol to manage the red 10c container collection bins and the council bins.

BBQ helpers six times per year. I’m looking for helpers that will volunteer to help at most of these events per year.  There are a few roles available, but the main ones are cooking sausages on the Group Night from 4:30pm including setup and pack up. We have two other events, one being providing snacks and ice blocks at the Group family breakup, and the other being a breakup BBQ for Leaders and families.

Committee members: The Committee needs a Secretary and more general committee members.  The monthly online Committee meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm for one hour - you could also volunteer for other tasks if desired.  The role of the Secretary is to attend meetings, keep minutes and ensure that action items are allocated.  Have a go – it can be lots of fun and rewarding to support your child’s Scout Group. General committee members are the parent sounding board for group decisions. Committee members with positions are eligible for scout training and events. FYI: the leaders have their own meetings called “Group Council”, also under the leadership of GL Alan Brake.

Broaden your horizon

Scouts provides innumerable national and international opportunities particularly in the older sections.

SJW Rovers are attending Roverway, Norway, July 2024 and there is strong interest in the upcoming World Rover Moot in 2025. SJW Rovers attended the Australian and NZ moots earlier this year.

SJW Venturers attended the NZ Venture earlier in the year. Local popular events include Nighthawk, Noosa Venture, Agoonoree and Operation Archer. There are lots of similar events in other regions.

Scout section events include BAANYA, Butterfly, Nighthawk, Kiwi Woggle, LEAP, PL Adventure, District Camp, Agoonoree and Knight Moves.

The Cub section big event is the bi-annual Cuboree, and Joeys have JS Jaunt and Bear hunt.

For creative outlets, Scouting offers Brisbane Gang Show and Wonargo Revue for all the Sections Cubs to Rovers aged 10 to 25. This is an incredible development opportunity offered to 130 cast by 80 adult support members. Every show is written locally.,

Operoo hint: Add a second parent for notifications as per the SJW website.

Summer camp: 9 – 13 Dec 2023

The popular summer camp is returning with a revised date due to volunteer leader availability. An expression of interest has been issued and the full camp C4 form will have all the details.

Eligibility: 10 year olds and above. Venturers will form their own patrol whilst joining in most of the same activities.

Equipment desired

SJW Scouts at the World Scout Jamboree, Korea