Going up to next section (age group)

Linking is the Scout term to transition from one section (age group) to another. The move should be exciting for Scouts, but it can be daunting, yet it is a normal part of life to move sections and children are supported to be courageous and move up. Linking is flexible, and designed to support the youth and parents and to make the process easier. Scouts get familiar with the next section operations and get to know the other Scouts to make the transition stress free and exciting.

Scouts attend the next sections activities four times over the months prior to when they go up, which is best spread out over some months, but can be successive weeks. Most families choose to have the youth attend only one section meeting each week.

To obtain the linking badge, which is presented by the younger section, the Scout needs to return to the younger section towards the end of linking.

It’s time to start planning:

1)      Keep the new meeting night free – don’t miss out due to a timetable clash

2)      Talk to your section leaders and parent liaison to confirm the going up term.

3)      Select some dates to enjoy the next section meeting nights and get to know the youth members.

4)      Read the next section introductory letter: Cubs, Scouts.

5)      More information on our group website.

Age ranges follow:

Joey Scouts

Age range: 5 - 8 years

Going up  (Term after the child turns): 8 (can stay until 9th birthday)

Meets: Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:20 pm; occasional weekend activities.

Cub Scouts

Age range : 8 - 11 years

Going up (Term after the child turns): 11 (can stay until 12th birthday

Meets: Choose Monday or Wednesday 6:15 pm to 8 pm; some activities on weekends.


Age range : 11 - 15 years

Going up (Term *before* the child turns): 15 (can link from 14 years)

Friday 7 pm to 9 pm plus one weekend a month

Venturer Scouts

Age range : 15 - 18 years

Going up: on 18th birthday (can stay until end of 31 Dec if in grade 12)

Meets: Thursday 7 pm to 9 pm plus occasional camps

*three months before 18th birthday* - apply for a blue card  (see adult membership). Create Blue Card Account and email number to youth.membership@scoutsqld.com.au; then complete Blue Card application. 

Immediately after 18th birthday: A20 - Rover Indemnity Form.

Transfer the Operoo profile from parent to child: See Scouts Qld knowledge base article.

Complete mandatory two online training modules on Child safety and WH&S.

Rover Scouts

Age range : 18 - 25 years

Booted at 26th birthday

Meets: Wednesday 7 pm to 9 pm plus occasional camps

Q&A about linking

Introduction information about Scouting and the Section

The Introduction to Section is to be completed when you first join a Unit, either by transitioning from the previous Section or when you first join the Movement.

These requirements should be covered through discussions with your Patrol Leader & Unit. 

– How the Section operates

– What is new in this section, compared to the previous section

– The Patrol System

– Adventures, achievements, and interests

– Record keeping

– The Symbolic Framework

– The Australian Scout Promise and Law

– The Unit Code

I can’t make the new night

Alternative nights/groups are available and we encourage you to try them. Cubs runs on both Monday and Wednesday, and there are other nearby groups that have Scouts on Thursday nights. The Venturer and Rover nights have moved over the years, and might move again.

One night or two per week?

Most families decide only one night per week - the Scout either meets with the (for example) Joey unit one week and the cub unit the next week, but if keen, both nights can be attended in any week.

Which cub pack?

We only have one cub pack; the system is "one pack, split into two nights". Choose whatever night is convenient, or where the Scout's friends are, or the culture of the unit, as the different nights are different. The two nights both run the same activities, and camps and outings are always the full pack.

What support is provided?

The linking Scout will be assigned a buddy and allocated into a patrol. They have some influence in the patrol so should speak up if unhappy. There is the linking letter (links above), and the parent liaison for the new section is available for any help.

Peak award (Promise Challenge, Grey Wolf Award, Australian Scout Award, Queens Scout Award)

This must be completed before the Scout moves up, and best to finish within the normal age range. If the Scout is rushing to finish, they might move up on their birthday.

Do I need a specific badge before linking or going up?

No, no matter how many or few badges the Scout has earned, there is no impediment to linking whenever desired.