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Wine and spirit bottle donations now accepted

From 1 Nov 2023, wine and spirit bottles are accepted into our red CFC bins. Before that date, please leave them behind the bins on the concrete strip.

Containers for change donations are a significant, and easy, fundraiser for Scouts and many community groups.

Support from the public, and our members, is very welcome. We are grateful.

Ask your family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues, or set up a work collection point. Every container helps.

Group Leader Alan Brake honoured with prestigious Silver Kangaroo award

Our Group Leader Alan Brake is been honoured by receiving the Silver Kangaroo from the hands of our Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young.

Five of our Rover Scouts received their BP Award - Conor, Jamie, Xanthia, Becky and Ainsleigh - also from the same hands, while Finn received the Australian Scout Award.

The SILVER KANGAROO is the highest award for adult leaders in Scouts Australia. It is awarded for eminent achievement and exceptional service to Scouts Australia by an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, over a long period, in a number of roles at various levels within the organisation, or for a unique and highly valued contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting.

This year there were two recipients, former Chief Commissioner of QLD Daryl Scott and Alan Brake.

The BADEN-POWELL AWARD is the highest achievement possible for our Scouting Youth Members in Scouts Australia. It is the peak award in the 18-26 year age section, following on from the Australian Scout Award and Queen’s Scout, and requires the Rover Scouts to challenge themselves and build their leadership skills through a combination of Unit-focused activities and personal achievements. Only a very limited number of Rover Scouts achieve a BP Award each year.

The SJW Scouts are proud of you.

Photos: Gabriel Dubler

Scouts repaints Wirra Birra den in group colours May 2023

Scouts have repainted the outside of their well known "Wirra Birra" den in Ashgrove Scenic Reserve, located creekside adjacent to the fire station and St Johns Wood locality. When the group formed in 1945, the group colours were decided as the royal colours of Royal Blue and Maroon due to the royals visit to St Johns Wood. With a donation from Bunnings Keperra, and Scouts extra purchasing paint, and a set of enthusiastic volunteers, the outside, and some inside rooms were painted to freshen the building and proudly show off our group colours.

Annual report released

Each year, Scouts produces an annual report of the activities, triumphs and challenges, which you can access here. The one page snapshot is below.

SJW Scouts Annual Report 2023

Scouts rebounds after flood Feb 2022

Scouts have resumed operating from their site adjacent to the new St Johns Wood bridge at Ashgrove West after the devastating February floods. Group Leader Alan Brake said that this flood was the highest since 1974 with 2.3 meters of water in the lower steel den (shed). A tremendous effort by the local scout community cleaned the mud from the buildings and equipment and made the site operational. Much of the Scout equipment supports our adventurous activities such as camping and tolerates water but needed a good clean. The electrical system inside the buildings suffered some damage but the recent renovation had moved much of the electrical infrastructure above the flood line, which limited the damage. The cleaning effort was led by lifetime member Russ Davie for two weeks, assisted by a big group of helpers at the den and cleaning items at home. Local MP Julian Simmonds helped with the cleanup and MP Jonty Bush also offered support. Our group operated from the Mt Mirrimbul Scout den for two weeks whilst our waterlogged grounds dried. Scouts accepts donations of 10c containers into our red bins as a fundraiser with easy access from Waterworks Rd. The Scout movement provides lifelong learning in resilience, leadership and teamwork for girls and boys from age 5 to 26 delivered by the proven Scout method. St Johns Wood Scouts is part of the strong local Scout district that includes Bardon (Bee St), Oakleigh (High St) and The Gap (Paten park). 

Replacement den drawings released

Architect Mark Williams has drawn our replacement scout den, published above.

Scouts has lodged a Development Approval with council for the required building works and aims to lodge grant applications in Feb 2022. If successful, construction would be complete in late 2022.

The replacement den will allow Scouts to continue to serve our local community. It is more flood resilient than the existing building and a similar size, but located further away from the creek. Scouts are using a "Design and Construct" procurement process.

You can help by speaking to our local politicians: Cr Steve Toomey, MP Jonty Bush and MP Julian Simmonds and asking them to support the building with a grant or election commitment. We are also looking for suitable community minded builders that have inhouse design capability.

Upstairs den renovation almost finished; new den project restarts

Term 3 saw the Venturer den (upstairs hall for hire) pass a critical milestone with most work complete. The new ceiling is in, most walls painted and floor board replaced by Ken and Alan, followed by a floor sand and polish. The outside path has been installed creating a new activity space, and new Rover den door installed. Bunnings continue to support us with donation of materials for the partition between the toilets.

The renovation continues..

Meanwhile, our main den replacement has changed direction. Previously, Scouts had tendered to take over the neighbouring bowls club site, but council decided in Sep 2021 to provide the site to the rugby club. Hence SJW Scouts will rebuild on site, which is a well developed plan due to previous work. We are discussing with our local representatives with a view to obtain quotes and apply for grants by deadline of Feb 2022.

Solar PV system, new toilets, new chain Feb 2021

Our first solar electricity (PV) system was installed today by Springers thanks to a grant from Queensland Government Active Restart Recovery Fund (local member: Jonty Bush). Also this week, the two toilets and vanity was installed by Botanica plumbing and parent Frank installed a replacement chain over the driveway. Ken and Alan continue the Venturer den renovation, with the fiddly task of replacing damaged floorboards before finishing the wall sheeting. The council was surveying the new bike path ready to install new bollards.

Coming soon: a new banner to promote our container donation point.

The renovation continues..



During the COVID-19 restrictions, St Johns Wood Scouts (all age groups) moved online, with Scout activities conducted at home via Zoom, with progressive reintroduction of face to face Scouting from 15 May 2020. Our patrol system, of small youth groups, was effective for the ages 10+ in delivering face to face activities complying with the COVID requirements.

SJW Scouts continued to deliver all the scout principles online, using innovative strategies while maintaining strong youth involvement. There was increased time allowed to focus on social interaction and well being. 

Feedback from parents and youth members was excellent, and we thank our SJW Scouts community for their continued support. Parents appreciated the stability that Scouts provides in these anxious times. 

As of June 2020 - We have recommenced in Person Scouting


1945 - 2015

Author - Rob Bruce

The history of St Johns Wood and the Scout group makes an interesting gift.

THROUGH THE DECADES not only covers, in substantial detail, the history of the St Johns Wood Scout Group, but it also explores concepts and issues of a larger sociological, cultural and political nature as a means of putting the Group's experiences into a wide societal context. In addition it outlines the origins and early development of the St Johns Wood suburb, the building of Granite House and its part in the Group's early history.

All eras of the Scout Group to date are covered and every known Member of the Group recorded.  There are twelve appendices, a chronology, a bibliography, endnotes and an index. 

The book is approximately A4 size, bound and contains 251 pages.

The author of the book is Rob Bruce. Rob joined the Scout Group in 1951 and progressed through all units from Cub Scouts to Rover Scouts before becoming a Leader in the Cub Scout and then Rover Scout units.  Rob has maintained links with the Group since 1951 and recently held the position of Group Historian and Archivist.  In addition to Through The Decades Rob wrote the history of the Rover Scout Crew for its 25 and 50 year anniversaries.

Cost $40 with FREE local delivery (Ashgrove, The Gap and nearby suburbs). Post $15. Email: Russell Davie at

Bunnings support, Aug 2020

Bunnings have been supporting the Venturer Den renovation with donations of building materials and recently donated bollards to segregate the cars and youth. SJW Scouts appreciate the support!

The renovation continues.

75th Anniversary

St Johns Wood Scouts celebrated their 75th Anniversary at a group night on 31 July 2020.

Leaders and committee cooked 200 sausages and 10 kg of chicken curry to feed the Scouts and parents.

Rover Jamie ran opening parade, where 15 Scouts made their transition to the next age range to continue their scouting journey.

On parade, Scouts from each section cut the cake, donated by Cr Steve Toomey and baked at the Ashgrove West bakery, before the leaders and committee had a fun game of heads and tails to win the gift basket donated by Kate Jones MP.

Then mixed age patrols formed to play a game of charades where each patrol was given a nursery rhyme that they had to mime out, using every patrol member, whilst the other patrols tried to guess the rhyme, which was keenly participated in by all our Scouts.

Scouts then formed into their age groups (Joeys and young cubs; age 5-9); Cubs and young scouts (age 10-13) and Scouts, Venturers and Rovers (age 13-25) to continue a range of fun activities including a wide game, minute to win it games, and parachute games.

Bike path widening scheduled Sep 2020

BCC have advised they will widen the bike path adjacent to the Scout den in September to the 3.0 meter width to match the widening they did last year at the bowls club end of the path. The path is expected to be closed during the works.

Sustainability grant success

June 2020

Brisbane City Council has awarded St Johns Wood Scouts a grant to improve our electrical efficiency with replacement lights and modern, efficient fridges that will play an important role in the renovation of the Venturer den for Scout use and community hire. Thanks to Cr Steve Toomey for his support for the Scouts.

Volunteer grant success

May 2020

Julian Simmonds, MP, has today advised that St Johns Wood Scouts has been successful with a grant for $4980 for equipment and training from the Commonwealth Government, which will support our move to the new outdoor adventurous activity training requirements. 

New roof provided by Commonwealth grant

May 2020

Thanks to the Commonwealth Government and our local representative Julian Simmonds MP for their support in replacing the leaking roof that was 45 years old. This is part of our strategic plan to renovate the Venturer/Rover den ready for another 45 years of service to the community. Next stage is the internal renovation, for which we've applied to the Gambling fund and the BCC Energy Efficiency grant program.

The old rusty, leaking roof is shown on the right.

Learn how to perform a skit from the experts

April 2020

Scouting at Home - Skit (by Brisbane Gang Show)

SJW Rover Scout Rhiannah and RA Jarrad give some tips on performing a skit.

New badge system

April 2020

Scouts has released our new badge system which delivers more fun, more leadership training and more adventure, as well as continuing the proven scout method of learning by doing, learning in small groups and outdoor based.

The new webpage is live.

March 2020 Scouts moves online

St Johns Wood Scouts (all age groups) has moved online, with Scout activities now conducted in your home via Zoom and other technologies. 

For an expected duration of six months, SJW Scouts plans to continue to deliver all the scout principles, using innovative strategies while maintaining strong youth involvement. There will also be increased time allowed to focus on social interaction and wellbeing. 

Feedback from parents and youth members has been excellent so far, and we thank our SJW Scouts community for their continued support. Parents are also appreciating the stability that Scouts provides in these anxious times. 

Jan 2020 International Scout Exchange

After six weeks in a home stay with a Scout family in Denmark, and one week with Scouts in London, Venturer Scout Lexie Brake, age 16, has returned to Australia. Lexie said the best part of the trip was the Danish camp "Scout scoop" with interesting wide games, and she has made friends from Czech republic, Finland, and Tunisia. Lexie's mum, Jenny, says that Lexie has come home noticeably more mature and resourceful. The Scout SISEP program is for Venturers aged 16 and 17 and applications usually close 31 March each year.

Lexie is on the far right in the photo with her Scoutscoop friends.

More information is on the International page.

Jan 2020 New maps, clean and fresh den for the new year

The committee and parent patrols have been busy over the holidays and the Scouts will return to a clean fresh look in the scout halls. Scout Leader John Jackson has created three great A0 size (that's big) maps for the den wall with just a tiny sample shown in the picture.

If you haven't joined a parent patrol - we ask each family to volunteer one hour a month, as many hands make light work.

29/11/2019 - Scout Unit  wins Annual District Swimming Carinval at Ashgrove State School Pool

After the Cub Scout Units Victory the two nights before The St Johns Wood  Scouts competed against other scout units in the Taylor Range Distrcit  from  at the Ashgrove State School Swimming Pool.   The night was full of fun events with St Johns wood also won the sort after trophy

29/11/2019 - Scout Unit  wins Annual District Swimming Carinval at Ashgrove State School Pool

After the Cub Scout Units Victory the two nights before The St Johns Wood  Scouts competed against other scout units in the Taylor Range Distrcit  from  at the Ashgrove State School Swimming Pool.   The night was full of fun events with St Johns wood also won the sort after trophy

27/11/2019 - Cub Scout Unit wins Annual District Swimming Carinval

The St Johns Wood Cub Scouts competed against all of the Cub SCoutings in the Taylor Range Distrcit  from The Gap, Bardon and Oakleigh at the Oakleigh State School Swimming Pool.   The night was ful of fun events with St Johns wood winnng the sort after trophey

24 October 2019 - Scouts at Parliament House

Kate Jones MP hosted the Scouts and Guides from her electorate at a BBQ at Parliament house last night. It was an opportunity to learn about our democracy, see the historic and beautiful building, and make a closer connection with our elected representative.

4 October 2019 - Front page of the Westside News - our new den

20/9/2019 - New signs help find our Scout hall (den)

After creative input from Jenny Brake and Anthony Mahoney and Scout HQ Braeden, and a grant from Cr Steve Toomey, the new signs were erected by Ken and Alan to promote Scouting and help people find our den. They look great  and are part of our group promotional material.

20/9/2019 - Queen's Scout presentation to Rover Scout Becky Brake 

The Queen's Scout award is the best known of all the peak awards and was created by Scouts Founder BP with the endorsement of the King.   This is the highest scouting award for Venturer Scouts

Pictured from left to Right Jamie Brake, Jenny Brake, Becky Brake and Lexie Brake

5/10/2019 - Branch to release artwork for St Johns Wood Sticker!

After weeks of planning and discussion it is reported that branch will release the artwork for the much awaited for bumper  Sticker art work has been approved and produced by Branch.  Watch this space and the car in front of you as you may just see our sticker!     They are free to anybody who wants to place them on their car to advertise the groups website, the group and scouting in general!   Its a 20x7 sticker   with gumtree background that will just look great!

4/10/2019 - Containers for Change Bin full

WOW! our containers for change bin is full after 11 weeks. Thanks to Steve in particularly for emptying the yellow bin into the locked red bin, and thanks everyone for your donations. Let's keep spreading the word. Anyone up for an inter-section (unit) challenge on who can bring the most containers in a four week period?

10/8/2019 -  Group Leader Returns from Overseas Trip

Where has Q Been!   Q has been travelling around north america enjoying the sites with his wife.  What an amazing trip.     

25/8/2019 -  Cub Scout Distrct Camp a Success!

St Johns wood cubs attended the taylor range district camp where we met our neighbouring cub packs in the district for a weekend of fun

9/8/2019 -  St Johns Wood Scouts Group night - Another Great success

The quarterlyish run group night occured tonight with many of our member attending to participate with in actvities.  Pastoral care with inter untit activities (cubs and joeys,   Scouts and cubs,  Venturers and Rovers, and in any combination is important to create a strong group and a sense of belonging.   It gives the younger kids confidence to move to the new units as they get older, and allows them to make friends of all ages!

3/8/2019 -  St Johns Wood Joey Scouts attend Joey Jaunt 2019

The Joey scout unit attended joey scout jaunt 2019 at samford!    They attended with their frends at the bardon joey scouts and some very dedicated parents!    Lots fo fun was had  with climbing wall, archery, rope bridge and screen printng were just the start!    The theme was its a puzzle and leaders were asked to wear scarfs from various events.   Some leaders must have travelled in a time machie to get the scarts they were wearing!

4/8/2019 -  ST Johns Wood Scout Group Goes Digital!

Creating community awareness by staring on our neighbouring schools digital sign! Keep a look out for it over the next two weeks as you drive past!     

17/7/2019 -  Bon Voyage Q!  -  Q is away on holidays 

Q is away on holidays leaving his house to be looked after by his family who are stil here!   Hopefully not many parties will be held!  

8/7/2019 -  St Johns Wood Scouts Launch new website 

St Johns wood scout group  launched a new website and google gsuite deployment to centralise information  .   Google provides the platform for free,  it offers the group email and web.  The platform is supported 24x 7 by google who provides the platfrom to us free of charge under their Not for profit program.      We just pay for the domans and which were donated by ITMaaSters

8/7/2019 -  St Johns Wood Scouts Launch new website 

St Johns wood scout group  launched a new website and google gsuite deployment to centralise information  .   Google provides the platform for free,  it offers the group email and web.  The platform is supported 24x 7 by google who provides the platfrom to us free of charge under their Not for profit program.      We just pay for the domans and which were donated by ITMaaSters