Bushwalking OAS

Stage 1 Requirements (see separate page for bushwalking skills)


¨  I can help pack a backpack for a day walk.

» Consider what is needed 

» Consider the best way of packing it

¨  I can dress myself for a day walk

» Consider the best types of clothes for bushwalking

» Consider if I will be comfortable in different weather conditions

¨  I can list what food to bring on a day bushwalk.

» Consider what would be good for me and give me energy 

» Consider what is nutritious and can be lightweight  

¨  I know why it is important to stick to trails when outdoors.

» Consider why the trail is there

¨  I know why to stop when I get lost in the bush.

¨  I can put together a small personal First Aid kit for our bushwalk

» Consider blisters, dehydration and small wounds that may be encountered along the way 

¨  I can explain the buddy system


¨  I can identify the four main cardinal points of the compass

¨  I can identify the main parts of the compass

¨  I have attended at least one bushwalk of at least one hour’s duration at this stage.

¨  I can demonstrate behaving safely while bushwalking.

» Consider the environment, people, and equipment


¨  I can talk about what I enjoyed or learnt from going on a bushwalk