Badge Placement

Note: If you are a current Scout with the old placement, scroll to the end for some additional information.

You will notice that the uniform layout is organised into three themed panels:

Download a PDF of the new Layout here

Right Sleeve - My Identity

Right Sleeve – My Identity – recognises where you do most of your Scouting, and the additional awards you have achieved.

Better World Framework Badge hasnt been released.

Additonal awards area is just a place holder circululr , square and rectangle awards can go here.

St Johns Wood do not wear the Region Badge

Left Sleeve - My Journey

Left Sleeve – My Journey – celebrates and recognises your growth across the Achievement Pathways, mainly Outdoor Adventure Skills, Special Interest Aras, and your peak awards.

Joey Scouts can now wear their Joey Promise Challange award all the way to rover scouts , and add additoanl peak awards to their sleeve for every other unit as they progress through scouting units (cub, scouts, venturers and rovers).      What an great  tribuite to the effort spent to earn these awards!

Front Panels and Scarf – My Involvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the patrol Emblem?

The patrol Emblem is a great badge to identify your scouting team but since there are so many badges with the new scheme it had to be replaced with a new scarf slide.    This hasn't been released yet so just stay tuned for future news!

Do I get new (Replacement) Peak Awards to replace my older badge with the new smaller one?

Yes. Ask the Group Leader.

What is the Better World Framework Badge ?

The new award scheme has many new and exiting awards you can achieve.  This award is one of them.  Stay tuned for future news on this!

What badges can go in the Additional awards section on my right sleeve ?

Any shaped badge, circular, square, rectangular  can be sewn here

Explanation of new layout concept

In order to better organise badges in a logical way, to enhance the visual appeal of the uniform celebrating the individual achievements of each Scout, and to better align space on the uniform shirt for youth members of all ages, we undertook a review of the entire uniform layout and badge designs, based on the program’s symbolic framework of one program, one journey.

There was also a very strong desire from the Scouting community to enable all peak awards a Scout has achieved, to be worn on the uniform at once. This also created a need for a redesign of the overall badge design and uniform layout.

This new layout can be implemented over the following three years or so. It would make sense to allow Scouts to start using it once they have progressed to the next section, or earlier if they prefer. New members should go straight to this layout. In other words, there is no need for Scouts to change the layout that they currently have on their uniform until they move to the next section.

Along with the new layout are redesigns of the Additional Award badges, the Unit Leader badge, the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader scarf slides (patrol member role identifiers), and the patrol identity scarf slide. New designs are now becoming available for purchase from the national Scout Shop, or from your Branch’s supplier.

Transition from old layout to new layout timing

If you child  has  been in a section for a while and already have some/many  old badges and completing the old system such like a 10 year old cub, they can continue placing badges in the old location and wait until they link to the next section to  start the new placement!  Members  can use the old layout until they move to the next section.