Forms and Applications

Try Scouting

Thinking of becoming a leader, joining as a youth member or getting your children involved with a world wide movement . the following online form and permission form is all you need!

  • Complete our Online Form and we'll contact you about the best time to start your free trial!

  • F6 - Non-Member Activity Advice - Complete and email this form to us in advance or hand it to the leader when you visit us on an activity. Since visitors are not financial members, this form is needed for all visitors attending scout events. After attending one or two meetings you will need to decide if you wish to Join Scouting!

Become a St Johns Wood Scout (Application Forms)

Youth Application Form to Join or Interstate/overseas transfer to St Johns Wood Scouts.

  • Online application system - select "youth", "St Johns Wood" and section, complete the form and submit.

  • SJW fees - Fees are detailed in this form.

  • Transfers are electronic within Queensland, simply ask you're old group to "transfer in SMS to St Johns Wood" and interstate, please complete the application form above and note your membership number and state on the form and a pro-rata fee applies.

  • Refunds are available within six weeks of joining.

Do Scouting (Permission Forms)

These forms are to conduct offsite activities for youth members.

Looking for adult membership? Click here.


Every Scout in our group needs a Operoo profile with up to date and complete medical information to allow us to provide informed care when necessary.

Without Operoo, youth cannot attend events away from the den. Please see one of the leaders if you are experiencing any difficulty.

Operoo is an award winning platform for automating consent forms, medical records, field trips, staff forms, payments, incident reporting and group messaging. Operoo is used by schools & school districts, sports, scouts, clubs, camps, businesses, youth & church groups, the disability sector and other groups with a duty of care.