Adventure (OAS badges and more)

Adventure in Scouts

Scouts provides adventurous activities locally at the group level with trained leaders, and for some specialities, through other Scout centres and outside centres.

Scout specialist adventure activity areas - click to view the external website.

Scouts adventure training courses are available for Scouts 14 years and older, and detailed in the Scouts Qld training calendar. See the Welcome page for access details for external Scout resources. USI (Unique Student Identifier) required (

Leaders AA training: Detailed guides available in most disciplines via

Outdoor Adventure Skills Badge requirements

  • These are available in Terrain, and a PDF can be downloaded of each badge/stage.

Further information/training:

Gear lists

  • These are our standard gear lists, often with explanation - the camp organisers may provide a custom list specific for each camp.

  • From 2021, Scouts are asked to purchase/provide from home:

  • For Scout camps (age 11+): cloth plate “dilly” bag – you are likely to have the other required camp items at home.

  • For camps, when age 12, each Scout is encouraged to own and care for their own tent, such as this 3 person Coleman 3CV, that we have used in SJW Scouts since 2010. SJW Scouts has some tents to borrow. Large tents are not suitable as too difficult for Scouts to erect or too bulky to transport.

  • A hike tent is an alternative, being lighter but requiring more care. See our bushwalking gear recommendations for tents, sleeping bag and mat, and boots/shoes/clothes in this page.

Gear list - standing camp

Gear list - bushwalking

Gear list for hikes - SJW Scouts.docx